Whimsicals Apple Dolls
"Whimsicals" are unique dolls with heads & hands made of carved apples. Each doll is one of a kind and takes on its own personality as the character of the face is revealed as the apple dries.

Apples are first peeled and roughly shaped with a paring knife. Then the apples are dried slowly over a period of two months. Every few days, more shaping is done to the apple throughout the drying process.

Military Men
Military Men ready for action.
Amish Couple
Amish Couple ready for the days work.
Farmer taking a break.
Ben and Betsy
Patriotic Americans Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross.
Women with a parasol
Elegant women on a stroll with her parasol.
Native American Woman Carrying Wood
This old woman wearing a suede tunic is carrying wood back to her camp.
Native American Woman & Child
An Indian mother lovingly holds her little one, bundled in blankets.
Native American Indian Child on Pony
A child sits atop his appaloosa steed holding his feather bedecked bow awaiting an opportunity...
Here Comes Santa Claus...
This jolly old man with his curly white beard carries a sack of brightly wrapped Christmas packages.
Grandmother & Child
This charming pair of dolls will bring back fond memories of childhood. A young girl holds her teddybear and sits on Grandma's lap for a story.
I Shall Wear Purple...
This "old woman" was inspired by the delightful poem by Jenny Joseph. She wears a purple dress and, of course, a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit...
Native American Indian Chief
This single figure of a Native American Indian Chief holding a ring of feathers has clothing made of suede and a full headpiece of real feathers.
Native American Indian Woman
This single figure of a Native American Indian Woman has colorful beading and a single feather in her hair.
Cross-Stitching Woman
This little old woman wears her spectacles to see better for her fine needlework.

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